Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Listing Presentation

Prepared by:
Justin Ford

September 16,2008

Especially Prepared for:

Jack and Linda Butterfield,
Mark, DeAnn, Mick, Ilene & Dan

Courtesy of:

Justin Ford

(801) 652-1826

RE: Listing Presentation

Dear Jack and Linda Butterfield, Mark, DeAnn, Mick, Ilene & Dan:

Enclosed you will find a comparative market analysis we performed on your property. This is a suggested starting price that we feel comfortable and confident is fair market value for your property. You will also find a marketing plan that is personalized for your property in mind. There is a lot that every realtor can provide for you but here at Team Ford we take pride in setting ourselves apart from the rest with our exceptional communication skills. Inside you will find what we do with all of our clients to let them know each and every step we are taking to market there property and give it maximum exposure.
Please feel free to reach me anytime, at (801) 652-1826 or email me at should you have any questions. I look forward to working with you.
Justin Ford

What is a CMA?
Before they even open their doors, smart retailers determine their pricing strategies by studying their competition. Since you're thinking of selling your property, you can benefit from the same sort of study--a comparative market analysis (CMA). In addition to determining information about the appropriate listing price for your property, a CMA will give you other important information about the current real estate market, recent sales in your neighborhood, your home's competition, how long it may take to sell, your home's probable sales price, and an estimate of your net proceeds. This information will enable Team Ford to create an effective marketing plan for your property. A comparative market analysis establishes an appropriate listing price range for your home by analyzing recently sold homes that are similar to yours. Adjustments are made for the similarities and differences between these comparables and your home in terms of location, finished square footage, number of bedrooms and baths, age, condition, quality of construction, and extra features. After analyzing all these factors, including your motivation for selling, you and Team Ford can determine an appropriate listing price for your home. It's very important that you list your home with an accurate price right from the beginning. Generally, most of the best and highest offers come during the first few weeks when a home is viewed by the most potential buyers.

Suggested Listing Price: $600,000—$650,000
Remember a CMA is a suggested starting point in pricing a home using the most comparable properties to yours in the area. We take into effect the homes that have sold because these will tell you how much buyers are willing to pay for a home similar to yours. Our CMAs are also based on current homes for sale, or in other words your competition in the area. The ultimate determinant is buyer feedback that will tell you if you are attracting or detracting buyers from looking at your home based on your price. The other factor in selling a home is the condition that your home is in. For tips and suggestions on how to make your home more marketable, contact us and we will be happy to provide this information to you.


“ No matter how well your home is priced,
it will never sell unless enough people know about it.”

Websites that your home will be advertised on:

· Wasatch Front Multiple Listing Service

A virtual tour and multiple pictures will also be provided to give buyers opportunity to take a look at your home from the comfort of theirs.

Professional Sign in Front of the House

· Sign will be placed in well visible position
· Flyers next to sign will be fully stocked each week
· Full Color flyers will be placed in home
Also in home will be a Neighborhood Report

Open House

· Advertised in local newspapers
· Agent escorts potential buyers through the home
· Minimum of four signs placed on
surrounding roads
· Pass out flyers to surrounding areas
· Gathers feedback from buyers walking through

Professional Postcards

· Just Listed Card mailed to surrounding area

Personalized Marketing

· Marketing to local farmers associations

· Advertise to investor clubs and schools

· Contact developer associations to market property


· Weekly Updates Via Mail/Email

· Month Market Analysis Meetings

Weekly Updates

· Any Calls and feedback

· Number of Website hits

· What we have done this week to market your home?

Monthly Marketing Meetings

· Look at current market and look at possible changes to marketing plan

· Analyze all feedback gathered from open houses, phone calls, showings and virtual tour hits.

· Feedback from you telling us how we are doing and how we can improve our service to you

· Advice and suggestions on possible changes to marketing plan or price correction

Quest Real
Expect More With Team Ford
MOBILE: 801.652.1826 • FAX: 801.253.7212